Who Is

Isoì is a sweet sounding word that means “Life”. Isoì was the name of such an unlucky cat. Isoì is a slim figure that lives in a mysterious place populated by tigers with four eyes and saints with golden robes.

Thanks to an encounter between the illustrator Gaia Bernasconi and Daniele Desperati, a graphic designer, a brand of craft-clothing-design originally created with illustrations and artistic handicraft was born. Screen printing, engraving, printing press, gold leaf are just some of the techniques that Isoì has alrerady experienced in its creations; each one is loosely based on different universes such as landscapes of Ionian Greece and votive iconographical art.


The history of Isoì: from Ithaca to Milan.

Summer of 2014, we find ourselves on the island of Ithaca (Kioni, Greece), the Ionian sea at night has thrown back on the beach Afales old and torn wooden planks and some whitest stones.

Gaia is an illustrator who likes to use her hands to create things and she always draws her inspiration from these places crammed in human history: she collects anything that the Sea and the island offer and turns these things into something else. She depicts objects and gives them a new life.

Daniele is a graphic designer who likes to make up stories about these objects that are so special to him.
The idea comes around immediately: the two improvise one “open shop” where they can tell and sell to tourists those amazing creations of craftsmanship that the magic hands of Gaia have created earlier. And so, even before they realize it, in the shadow of those ventilated and warm afternoons, Isoì was born.


Isoì is talent and inspiration purpose-made. In Italy.

The visual objects and all the creations signed by Isoì arise from a unique creative process. Based on an original handmade artwork and through careful selection of materials and media you will get to the final result: T-shirts, jewellery, furniture and pictures and prints only limited edition.

In the spring of 2015 Isoì opened its “concept-workshop” in the creative heart of Milan, a special place full of stories to tell.

Gaia Isoi Laboratorio