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Isoì Workshop: in the creative heart of Milan the “workshop used to be” – Today.

In Milan, on ships bunting (Via Torricelli, corner Ascanio Sforza) Isoì has renovated an old corner shop and created Isoì – Concept Store & Creative Lab. It is a unique space where the atmosphere of the “workshop” enjoys the purchase experience of the Concept-Store. It’s a sort of shelter in the big city where you can get lost among the scent of paper and ink of the press, engravings and other stuff including a notebook decorated in gold leaf, a pendant of porcelain, a picture book and a T-shirt screen-printed by hand. A work table in the center of the shop is the center of the space. Everything happens there. It has been created and then sold before the eyes of those people who crave to cross the threshold that brings to the fascinating and a bit mysterious world of Isoì.



Isoì: small experiences from the World of the ” To-Do-Things” (for all ages). Engraving, printing, graphics, drawing, reading.

Isoì goal is to promote the culture of art craft, drawing and self-production. For this reason in the workshop located in Via Torricelli you will find space training initiatives designed to bring people much closer to the world of Isoì. Here you will enjoy workshops and exhibitions but also reading for young and old people.

Isoi reading


Delirium Jazz Band c/o Isoi